Ultimate Alkaline (VIP)

Ultimate Alkaline (VIP)

Ultimate Alkaline (VIP)

The unique I-Blue cartridge is the first integrated cartridge in the world with BCB technology giving you and your home the best pure and fresh drinking water with natural water taste .

it's the only cartridge with patent and Certificated by  WHO standards.

I-Blue cartridge gives you highest quality with multi functions inside it featuring the latest drinking water treatment technology using vitality balls to help your body get most benefits from water for better health and more activity.

I-Blue cartridge ultimate the super cartridge with PP layers technology to remove any small solids in water and adjust Water turbidity.

I-Blue cartridge ultimate makes the water to its natural state and improves the quality of pure Alkaline water by adding necessary elements for body and healthy minerals for less thirsty feeling.


1-Removing lingering impurities in water such as solids , sands , dust , and rust with 5 microns.
2-Remove chlorine , fluorine , odors and caustic alkaline from water which affect  the liver and kidney.
3-Anti-bacterial, micro-organisms and viruses. 
4-Acid water tuning (PH).
5-Keep the necessary elements for body and healthy minerals to prevent water from CO2 absorption 
6-Remove harmful dissolved substances in water ( negative ions )
7- It's the most important function : adjust the water vitality which means to restore  the water molecular shape which has been changed due to the pressure of water inside the pipes.
Alkaline : anti-cancer water  and less thirsty feeling by adding the necessary minerals to water for healthy body and stimulate blood circulation then it restores the natural taste and Prevents sweat odor

Price: 200 EGP